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9 months. And 1 month.

9 months since I consciously worked on TTC and my reproductive health. After Feb I started working out with RushTush  – I became a Glow Girl! In the months following that until July, I saw such great results. The sets of body weight, kettlebell and strength exercises are not for sissies, and I loved every second, even when I was just about to throw up. I focused my energy on dropping the weight I needed to be a healthy BMI (and help resolve the PCOS).

In that same period, work became a chore and since I am usually one who loves my job, I was very unhappy. And then I was salvaging a marriage.

All of that meant that blogging was furthest from my mind. Fast forward to October…

1 month, 1 week ago on 14 October 2014 I got my first ever BFP. I had just taken the test to rule out pregnancy since I was feeling “funny” and hadn’t had a period in more than 50 days (my average cycle lasts a cool 40 days).

1 month ago I had a miscarriage and ERPC.