Spontaneity abounds

In October last year we were surprised with a positive test, we were so excited and shared the news with our parents and siblings. We had conceived spontaneously. Unfortunately a week later I miscarried and that was one of the toughest experiences I’d been through. Thankfully with the guidance of Allah I got over it emotionally very quickly – The Husband and I were heart sore but satisfied with the outcome. I was 7 weeks and 5 days. The physical recovery was a bit harder because I had the evacuation procedure done at a public hospital (my medical aid hadn’t kicked in yet). The entire experience was horrific but I was blessed to have had compassionate nurses. Public hospitals are terrifying!


Fast forward to the end of November and I start feeling “funny”. You know the feeling… something’s off, or different. I actually only took a pregnancy test to rule it out! I had no expectation of having fallen so quickly again, and spontaneously too. Lo and behold, two pink lines! I was a bit nervous at first but made lots of dua and did my best to look after myself.


It was so exciting to see Baby looking more and more like a person, and swimming and dancing around yesterday. I had the 12 – 13 week assessment scan yesterday and Alhamdulillah everything and everyone is healthy. I told the doctor not to tell me the gender, but to write it down. Then I went to Earthchild, picked out a girl and boy outfit; handed them the note and asked them to wrap the appropriate outfit. When I got home The Husband and I opened it together – what a wonderful surprise subhanallah! Of course I started crying (but nowadays everything makes me cry).


The Husband is so excited. I think it’s becoming more and more real for him. His face when we unwrapped the little white dress and coral cardigan I had picked out was priceless.


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