What do I mean, “trying without trying”?

This is a difficult topic to write. I wonder if it pisses off the TTC veterans, hope not. I think about how flippant it could sound to those of you who’ve been down so many difficult roads ending in BFNs, MCs and other tragedies – “trying without trying” sounds… trite and thoughtless.

But I have thought about it a lot. How our circumstances were never quite right to really give it a go. Whether we really wanted to acknowledge the problem and so put a label on it.


He who must not be named

We carried on “not trying, not preventing”. I think it is/was easier to go through the past 5 years with the idea that “something” was in the way – work or school or money. So that’s simply what I mean. It is borne out of fear, a cop out, a kaart.


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