Awkward conversations

Most of us TTCers have had the uncomfortable questions and well-meaning (but ill-informed and insensitive) advice. In communities where big families are the norm and personal boundaries are often blurry and porous, it’s a lot more challenging because it’s virtually expected for couples to start a family after the first year – case in point, the Muslim community in Cape Town.

And what irritates me is the “expert”… all sorts of advice on how I should change my diet/lifestyle/natural remedies/medication/BD position and in no time I’ll be pregnant.

In my experience, the people asking the questions are more often than not those who have no business knowing. My close family and friends rarely ask because they know what they need to know, and understand that I will share what I want when I want.

What kinds of challenging conversations are you faced with in your community when it comes to TTC?


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